Omegafluid joins Atlantic Fluid Tech's group

Omegafluid joins Atlantic Fluid Tech's group

Omegafluid srl acquisition is part of a business strategy focused on Vertical Integration.

Ensuring high-level products and services to its customers with fast andpunctual response times has always been among the main goals pursued byAtlantic Fluid Tech.

That’s why, in December 2023, we decided to acquire our historicdistributor Omegafluid Srl, based in Rubiera: this is nothing but the latestand most recent step in a consolidated relationship, born more than ten yearsago, confirming the unity of purpose of the two companies.

A choice for the future 

Omegafluid srl acquisition ispart of a business strategy focused on Vertical Integration: in times ofinternational uncertainty, Atlantic Fluid Tech is improving efficiency andincreasing competitiveness in order to be a reliable partner and to reactpromptly and flexibly to market developments.


A complete range of products 

In addition to the entire range of AtlanticFluid Tech standard valve stock, Omegafluid Srl offers a wide range of complementaryproducts, thanks to marketing agreements with other major brands.

Among these, there are:


·        FILTRATION GROUP hydraulic filtration

·        VIBOR measurement andcontrol instruments

·        MINIPRESS diagnostic systemsand test couplings

·        OESSE heatexchangers

·        TEMPCO heatexchangers

 Furthermore, this portfolio will allowAtlantic Fluid Tech to meet the needs of its customers, offering integrated andhigh-quality solutions.


Benefits for the distribution network in a complicated internationalcontext

The acquisition of Omegafluid Srl not only strengthens Atlantic FluidTech's presence in the Italian territory but also guarantees immediateavailability of standard products to its distribution network and to directcustomers.

In a period of international uncertainty, increasingtransportation costs and interruptions in commercial flows, this meansgreater efficiency in supply channels and quicker feedback to market needs.

Atlantic Fluid Tech therefore aims to optimize its resources to prevent out of stock and minimize the effects of crises on its operations.

The support of partners and valuable companies is therefore a decisivefactor that allows us to consolidate our role in the market and has always beena guarantee of the best quality, both in terms of product and service.